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Yo ! I’m DCK, I really like the web & programming. My favorite languages are ReasonML and JavaScript. Fan of React and React Native.

Decode an enumeration from an API with decco

07 September 2019

In a previous article, I talked to you about decco to decode API payload. Today, we will see how we decode an enumeration of string with…

Decode an API payload with ReasonML

05 September 2019

When you fetch data from an API with ReasonML, we end up parsing the object manually and let the inference do his job : This kind of…

Write BuckleScript bindings - part 2

25 August 2015

You can find the first part here In the first part, we had written a basic binding of a function which returns nothing. Now, we will take a…

Write BuckleScript bindings - part 1

24 August 2015

When I need to use a JavaScript library in ReasonML, I write his BuckleScript bindings. In this articles series, we will create some Node.js…